Fitness refers to the ability of your body’s systems to work together properly to keep you healthy and functioning in everyday life. Being efficient means doing everyday activities with as little effort as possible. A competent person can do schoolwork, fulfill family responsibilities, and have enough energy to participate in sports and other recreational activities. A competent person can respond well to normal life situations, such as picking up books at home, stocking shelves at a temporary workplace, and walking on the school field trip. A fitter can also respond to emergency situations – for example, running for help or helping a friend in distress.


The workout is made up of 11 parts – 6 of which are fitness related and 5 skill related. All aspects are important for effective performance in exercise, including sports. But all 6 are considered to contribute to health-related health because kinesiology scientists have shown that they can reduce the risk of chronic diseases and promote good health and well-being. These positive aspects are body composition, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, muscular endurance, strength, and power. They help you to be more efficient in your daily activities.

As the name suggests, fitness-related activities help you excel in sports and other activities that require fine motor skills. For example, speed helps you in sports like sports. These 5 aspects of health are also related to health, but less so than health related factors. For example, in the elderly, balance, strength and coordination are very important in preventing falls (serious health problems), and reaction time is associated with the risk of car accidents. Each aspect of fitness is explained in detail in these two articles: The Six Aspects of Fitness and the Five Aspects of Fitness.


Think of a runner. He may have been able to run a long distance, and he was not tired; therefore, he is in good physical condition in at least one health-related department. But, does he feel good in the six games? Running is a great form of exercise, but being a runner does not guarantee excellence in all aspects of health-related health. As a runner, you may be better at some areas of fitness than others. A feature titled The Six Aspects of Health-Related Health explains each aspect and shows examples. As you read each section, ask yourself how good you think you are at that section.

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